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Choosing an attorney is like choosing a business partner. You are not only looking for someone who is smart and hardworking but for someone you can trust. Attorney-Client relationships are built on trust and accountability.

To help your attorney, you need to give complete facts of the circumstances, even things you may think are not important or facts that you think could hurt your case. An attorney can work with “bad” facts, but he or she cannot work with unexpected surprises.

Lastly, if you hire an attorney – you should never be wondering what is happening in your case. Although attorneys are focusing on a number of cases, you should always know what is going on and that your case is moving forward. Here are some tips when looking for a lawyer that you can build a strong relationship:

Attention to detail

A lawyer's workload must be controlled so that each matter can be handled competently. In other words, balance isn't just a matter of self-care for lawyers - it's about ethics. It's no use getting more clients if he or she can't provide all of them with quality representation, especially in personal injury practice.

Good listener

As with any relationship, listening is key when building new a relationship with your lawyer. A lawyer shouldn't simply ask a token list of client intake questions. A lawyer's priority should be to understand the full story and listen to the client's concerns. This may help identify overlooked areas that add value to your case.

Clear and frequent communication

It's an attorney's duty to communicate with you promptly and clearly in a manner that is convenient for you. But in terms of building a strong attorney-client relationship, communication needs to go beyond the bare minimum, and it should be exercised on both sides.

Some of our core values at RTM Law are honesty, transparency, and availability. It's important to us that our clients feel reassured and at ease with the progress and updates they receive from us. To know exactly what is important to clients during their experience working with an attorney, RTM Law conducted its own market research study targeting a broad range of Southern California residents. The research found that the initial consultation is more important to them than the cost of the attorney. This not only confirms that first impressions are important, but it shows that clients get a clear sense of whether an attorney is a good fit for them on their first call. At RTM Law, the first 15 min of a consultation call is always free – to ensure that you get a chance to discuss your case with our attorneys and determine if RTM Law is the right fit for you.

At RTM Law we practice what we preach. We take pride in reaching our client's desired outcome and building strong relationships along the way.

To schedule your free 15-minute consultation call with RTM Law, call (949) 424-6784.

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